The benefits of good health and well-being are essential to your quality of life. What you absorb is what you are. How you care for your body is important to your center. Peace, meditation, good wholesome food, nutrition and body cleansing are all a part of creating a healthier you


Our mission is to provide the highest quality of service to help you reach your health goals and reconnect with your bodies' needs.


Founded by:
Rev. Teresa Weems

• Colon Hydrotherapist Since 1982
• Raw Live Certified Hippocrates Inst. 1983
• Reiki Master
• Nutritional Counselor Health Educator

Our office is a quiet retreat where you can discuss your particular needs with our colon hydrotherapist. The facilites include a private bathroom and shower where you can freshen up following your treatment and an Evergain Chi Energy machine with which you may begin your session, as time permits. The Evergain unit, which is equiped with FarInfraRed and static magnets, will facilitate an improved release by stimulating oxygenation of your entire system and balancing the Chi energy of your body.


Clean Colons For Clear Minds
Strong Immune Systems & Healthy Bodies!

Colonic cleansing is the supportive foundation of any system used to increase your health,

When your colon is properly cleansed. . .

Proper digestion is restored
Stress on the body is relieved
Elimination improves
The balance of friendly bacteria increases
Bloating, gas and digestive difficulties are arrested
Absorption of water is increased
Blemishes are eliminated
Skin becomes vibrant and radiant
Assimilation of nutrients & healing supplements
Excess weight is eliminated

A subsequent benefit of a colonic is that toxin release
continues long after the session is completed.


Allergies, Headaches, Back pain, Arthritis, Indigestion, IBS, Chronic fatigue, Body Odor Bad breath, Overweight, Underweight, Constipation, Parasites, Bloating Sinus Infections, Depression, Brain fatigue, Sciatic pain, Candida, Gas, PMS, Sleep Difficulties


A colonic irrigation is a safe gentle process employing a state-of-the-art Toxygen to assist in the elimination of accumulated toxins from the large intestine. The Toxygen allows comfortable control of water pressure and temperature.


One of our qualified therapists performs the treatment, which takes from 30 to 45 minutes to perform.The client is gowned and a sheet covers the body from from the waist down to ensure privacy. A disposable speculum and tubes introduce water into the colon (purified by the aid of a UVsterilizer and several filter systems to provide the best quality possible).

Gentle abdominal massage with essential oils and Reiki energy work promotes full penetration of the 5 1/2 to 7 feet of the large intestine and helps loosen accumulated waste, hydrates the body and gently initiates peristalsis. This helps release the built up toxins with no discomfort. An additional benefit provided by Body Detox System is the use of a dynamic PalmMag (Nikken) and (Nikken) magnetic appliance attachments to the water supply hoses. These facilitate better penetration of the water supply. All materials used in this process are ecologically safe. Lubricant used is made of vegetable oils, socks and gowns are cotton and laundered in ecologically safe detergents, speculums are disposable, only nitrile or vinyl gloves are used.

There is no mess or odor, since all releases flow out through a closed system directly into the plumbing of the building.


Initial Colonic $95.00

Subsequent Colonics $80.00 each

Student and Senior discounts available

Series of 5 Colonics $375.00 prepaid

------------------------------ ADDITIONAL SERVICES ---------------------------

Ear Candling (4 candles) $60.00

Health Education Consultation $150.00

Chi Session (1/2 hour) $30.00

Individual ear candles $5.00 each

Teeth Whitening $50.00 (20 min.)


2531 Briarcliff Rd,
Ste 221 Atlanta, Ga. 30329
(404) 315-6999

Available by appointment only
Monday-Sunday 7:00 a.m.- Until

Please leave message if therapist is unavailable to answer phone.

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